Affiliate Contact Information

Affiliate Leadership


Board Officers

Jan Darnell & Diana Dignan Co-Affiliate Directors
Dick Anderson Secretary
Trisha Thronton Affiliate Treasurer

Board of Directors

Jan Darnell, Affiliate Director Diana Dignan, Affiliate Director Trisha Thornton, Affiliate Treasurer Chris Groberg, Affiliate At- Large Board Member  
Shelley Thornton, Central South Regional Director Dick Anderson, Central South Region Representative Jessica Chezrony, Central South Region Representative
Diana Baldi, Far North Regional Director Sheila Shifrin, Far North Region Representative Kathy O'Holleran, Far North Region Representative
Diana Dignan, North Central Regional Director Barb Smith Morgan, North Central Region Representative Jon Morgan, North Central Region Representative

Advisory Board and Committee Chairs

Diana Baldi, Marketing and Promotion

Jon Morgan, Photograper

Martha Sexauer, Sales

Jan Darnell, Scholarships

Kathy O'Holleran, Volunteers and Outreach

Kevin Ponziani, Web